An implementation of ultimate tictactoe in Elm
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Play it online here!

Elmtimate Tic-tac-toe

An implementation of Ultimate Tic-tac-toe in your browser, in Elm.


Install and run

If you haven't already done so, install Elm:

$ npm install -g elm@0.18.0

Then clone the repo:

$ git clone

Then cd to the project folder and compile with:

$ cd elmtimate-tictactoe/
$ elm make src/Main.elm --output=tictactoe.html

Woohoo! If everything goes according to my evil instructions, you should be able to open tictactoe.html and play you some ultimate tic-tac-toe!

Note: for actual development, you probably want to use elm reactor instead of elm make: this will automatically rebuild the project on the fly when changes are made to the source (see the getting started section of the Elm website).


To run the unit tests suite, install and run elm-test:

$ npm install -g elm-test
$ elm-test