Self Balance arduino robot. Control via Smartphone. Fully 3D printed project.
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Self Balancing arduino robot. Control via Smartphone. Fully 3D printed project.



Board: custom board (WITA): It´s an Arduino Leonardo + Wifi module (RN131)

Motors: NEMA17 Stepper Motors

Drivers: A4988 with 1/8 microstepping configuration

IMU: MPU6050 connected via I2C bus. We are using the DMP internal quaternion solution at 200Hz

Sonar sensor: LV-MaxSonar-EZ3.

Control algorithms: PI speed control driving a PD control for stability (control robot angle). The output of the stability control is a motor speed that is integrated (acceleration).

Wifi module : RN131 module in Soft AP mode, so you don´t need an existing Wifi network, the module generates it´s own network that you need to join with your smatphone

Communication protocol: OSC protocol (this is an open music protocol). It´s an UDP messages based protocol. You could find many applications that implement this protocol. I recommend TouchOSC because you could create your own interfaces.

Modes: Manual mode with external Wifi control via OSC protocol (Smartphone/Tablet...) Autonomous mode. It uses the sonar sensor for obstacle avoiding. When the robot detects an obstacle it starts turning until it finds an empty space and continue.