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Metamage Repository #1

This is a monolithic repository of Metamage source code that doesn't have its own home. For build instructions, see the HOWTO.

The following components are not original Metamage code:

  • Nitrogen and Nucleus (Lisa Lippincott, Marshall Clow, and Josh Juran; Boost license)
  • contrib (various authors and licenses)
  • POSIX-headers (various authors and licenses)
  • chmod, date, test, du, grep, head, printenv, strings, tee, tr, and wc scripts (Perl Power Tools)
  • mac/contrib and any .lib files (Apple)

Any other credits are acknowledged in the individual source files in which they appear.

All other components are copyright Joshua Juran and released under either the GNU GPL version 3 (or later) or the GNU AGPL version 3 (or later).