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LICENSE LICENSE: Link to Boost Software License 1.0 Jan 5, 2017
android android: Update vc and vx Nov 9, 2018
apps TestEdit: Axe redundant TEActivate() call Jan 13, 2019
base plus: Use boost::atomic refcount in 64-bit builds Nov 17, 2018
contrib ed25519: Use the 68020's long MULU if available Apr 30, 2018
crypto sha256: Rewrite loops in 68K assembler Jul 13, 2015
cthread MacRelixLib -> cthread: Move parameter block type Aug 19, 2017
debug log-of-war: Fix for NDK build Nov 9, 2018
devgear-mac ADBProtocol: Rewrite ADBCompletion() Mar 13, 2018
lamp Genie: Reduce calls to get_process() in wait() Jan 18, 2019
libs [NEW] libcrypto: Link -lcrypto for Unix, else nil May 25, 2016
mac mac-qd-utils: Add assign_pixel_rgn() Jan 18, 2019
nitric Nitrogen: Silence g++ 4.0 "always true" warning Oct 30, 2018
posix poseven: Add thread::terminated() Dec 8, 2018
relix Properly embrace sigaction subobject initializers Nov 15, 2018
scripts ams: Replace with symlink to ams.vx Jun 8, 2018
splode splode: Define event type 2 as pointer movement Oct 25, 2017
tools utable: Fix for 68K Jan 14, 2019
unet utcp: Use getaddrinfo()-based p7::connect() Jul 15, 2017
utils misc files: Trim extra blank lines Apr 5, 2015
v vx: Add Project Euler problem #1 example (O(1)) Jan 18, 2019
v68k ams-io: Test routine-enabled bits in dCtlFlags Jan 16, 2019
.gitignore .gitignore: Ignore make-installed A-line binary Jan 3, 2013 misc files: Trim extra blank lines Apr 5, 2015
Makefile README: Mention and link to the AGPL Aug 22, 2015 misc files: Trim extra blank lines Apr 5, 2015

Metamage Repository #1

This is a monolithic repository of Metamage source code that doesn't have its own home. For build instructions, see the HOWTO.

The following components are not original Metamage code:

  • Nitrogen and Nucleus (Lisa Lippincott, Marshall Clow, and Josh Juran; Boost license)
  • contrib (various authors and licenses)
  • POSIX-headers (various authors and licenses)
  • chmod, date, test, du, grep, head, printenv, strings, tee, tr, and wc scripts (Perl Power Tools)
  • mac/contrib and any .lib files (Apple)

Any other credits are acknowledged in the individual source files in which they appear.

All other components are copyright Joshua Juran and released under either the GNU GPL version 3 (or later) or the GNU AGPL version 3 (or later).