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Author: John Whitney (
License: GNU General Public License v2

	Deltup is a source package updater which enables users to apply a delta patch to the previous version of a package, as well as making delta patches for others to use.  This decreases download times significantly.  The package/patch ratio is typically 10:1, 20:1, and in some cases I've seen, higher than 80:1!
	Originally included with this package were scripts to make Deltup work with Gentoo, but since version 4.3 I decided to remove them and instead support the dynamic Deltup server project - see  For Gentoo install instructions, go to:
You may also use Deltup manually.  Here are some examples of it's use:
	# Use this command to create a mozilla-1.3b to mozilla-1.3 patch called mozilla-1.3b-1.3.dtu in the current directory:
	deltup -m mozilla-source-1.3b.tar.gz mozilla-source-1.3.tar.bz2 mozilla-1.3b-1.3.dtu
	# You can tar patches together so both can be applied with one command:
	tar -cf mydoublepatch.dtu mozilla-1.3b-1.3.dtu xscreensaver-4.08-4.09.dtu
	# And here is how to apply this patch to another system that needs upgrading:
	deltup -p mydoublepatch.dtu
	# This does the same thing, except that it uses the /usr/portage/distfiles directory for packages:
	deltup -pd /usr/portage/distfiles mydoublepatch.dtu
	# Apply three patches successively, without creating in-between packages:
	deltup -pr patch1.dtu patch2.dtu patch3.dtu
	# Find out what patches testpatch.dtu contains:
	deltup -pi testpatch.dtu
	# In order to save time when patching, you can provide extra information in the dtu by checking which compressor version to use with the -e option:
	deltup -me OOo_1.0.2_source.tar.bz2 OOo_1.0.3_source.tar.bz2 OO.dtu