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Boskeopolis Land

¿What Is this Game?

A simple platformer based on the short-story series, (Boskeopolis Stories)[].

You play as thief Autumn Springer in her rhymin’ & stealin’ ventures round Boskeopolis, collecting gems, diamonds, & accomplishing each level’s goal to continue on to the next level. Most levels just require you to get the red-&-white-striped delectable “Keycane” @ the end, while others have zanier goals, like collecting a certain # o’ ₧ ( Boskeopoleon currency ) from gems, collecting a key & reaching a treasure chest, or surviving for a certain amount o’ time. These goals are shouted @ you @ the start o’ every level like a WarioWare minigame.

’Bout the Development o’ this Game

For some reason, I chose to make this game have a monochrome palette system. Each “GameState” has a palette which is used to paint all the textures by indexed color.

Important note ’bout image resources: all images must use the same 7-color indexed palette. Non-indexed graphics will throw an exception when loaded, as it tries to apply the palette to indexed colors & can’t ’cause they’re not there.

Level, map, palette, & tileset data is held in JSON files in the resources folder. Maps can have any filename & are linked from level files, but level files & block files must have a 3-digit # for a name & are loaded automatically. To add a level, just create a valid JSON file in the levels folder with a 3-digit # below the current limit specified in the Levels class ( now 64 ).

How to Use


  • SDL2 with SDL_image
  • C++ 11 or higher
  • RapidJSON with OStreamWrapper

As mentioned earlier, if you want to add images, you have to use a certain 7-color palette for all files. A GIMP palette file is provided in the resources folder. Just import this into GIMP & turn any image you want to use to indexed ( Image -> Mode -> Indexed ) & select “Use Custom Palette” & the imported palette. Make sure “Remove unused colors from colormap” us unchecked.

Editing or creating new map files requires a recent version o’ Tiled ( must allow for mo’ custom property values than just string ). Maps should be saved as uncompressed JSON files.


  • J. J. W. Mezun


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the file for details.

All artwork, including graphics & text, are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International ( )




2D Platformer with custom level goals.







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