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from boothtestenv import BoothTestEnvironment
from boothrunner import BoothRunner
class ClientTestEnvironment(BoothTestEnvironment):
mode = 'client'
def run_booth(self, config_text=None, config_file=None, lock_file=True, args=[],
expected_exitcode=0, debug=False):
Runs boothd.
Returns a (pid, return_code, stdout, stderr, runner) tuple,
where return_code/stdout/stderr are None iff pid is still running.
runner = BoothRunner(self.boothd_path, self.mode, args)
(pid, return_code, stdout, stderr) =
self.check_return_code(pid, return_code, expected_exitcode)
return (pid, return_code, stdout, stderr, runner)
def _test_buffer_overflow(self, expected_error, **args):
(pid, ret, stdout, stderr, runner) = \
self.run_booth(expected_exitcode=1, **args)
self.assertRegexpMatches(stderr, expected_error)
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