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Redux middleware for React Native for Flipper
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Redux Flipper

screenshot of the plugin

Redux middleware for Flipper. It can log redux actions and show inside Flipper using flipper-plugin-redux-debugger.


  • React Native
    • For react-native >= 0.62, flippler support is enabled by default
    • For react-native < 0.62, follow these steps to setup your app
  • Redux or Redux-Toolkit

Get Started

  1. Install redux-flipper middleware and react-native-flipper in your React Native app:
yarn add redux-flipper react-native-flipper
# for iOS
cd ios && pod install
  1. Add the middleware into your redux store:
import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';

const middlewares = [/* other middlewares */];

if (__DEV__) {
  const createDebugger = require('redux-flipper').default;

const store = createStore(RootReducer, applyMiddleware(...middlewares));
  1. Install flipper-plugin-redux-debugger in Flipper desktop client:
Manage Plugins > Install Plugins > search "redux-debugger" > Install
  1. Start your app, then you should be able to see Redux Debugger on your Flipper app
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