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May 28, 2011


Comment tweak to make the behaviour a tiny bit clearer
November 13, 2010
June 26, 2010
April 15, 2010


More tweaks to progress tracking
Run synchronous requests in custom runloop mode again
March 24, 2010


Copy GHUnit to frameworks for Mac tests
March 02, 2010
January 06, 2010
October 31, 2009


Don't cancel a request if it has already finished
Closes gh-11
October 06, 2009


Added [request startAsynchronous] for easy async requests (no queue r…
October 04, 2009


Move cancelLoad out of ASIHTTPRequest.h, added a note about not calli…
…ng it
September 13, 2009


Added responseStatusMessage
August 24, 2009


Update iPhone sample to use new delegate auth api
August 11, 2009


Add note about throttling to iPhone project
August 02, 2009


Added proxy tests to iphone test target
Remove debugging logs
July 26, 2009


Fix a potential crasher (wrap readStream access in main loop in the c…

Tests now build on the device
Fix file paths in tests so they pass on the device
Removed some old cruft
July 23, 2009


We now dump all cookies on redirection (cookies stored in the periste…
…nt store will be re-applied)

Fix memory leak on redirection

Thanks to Austin France for highlighting these issues!
July 19, 2009


ASINetwork queues now show the network progress indicator while netwo…
…rk operations are in progress

(Based on Ken Collins' stuff here:
Clean up ASINetworkQueue to use accessors everywhere to make subclassing easier
July 18, 2009


Add test for S3 gzipped content
Tweaks to use accessor for cancelledLock
July 16, 2009


Fix a problem where both finished and failed delegate methods could i…
…n some circumstances be called for the same request

Thanks to Mike DeSaro for catching this nasty bug!
July 15, 2009


S3: Added COPY requests
S3: Added more convenience constructors (HEAD/DELETE)
S3: More tests, tweaks
July 14, 2009
July 13, 2009


Stop using kCFStreamPropertyHTTPShouldAutoredirect and handle 30x red…
…irection ourselves

This ensures cookies presented as part of the initial response can be applied to the redirected request
sessionCookies should now hang on to all cookies, and cookies will replace old versions of the same cookie
June 25, 2009


Added auto-detect for proxies - please let me know if you find problems!
Tweaks to text in iPhone sample app
June 21, 2009


Added new files to mac project
June 16, 2009


Fixed issue with specifying an empty string for ASIFormDataRequest pa…

Added test for same issue
June 09, 2009


Change SSL error detection code to fix issues with iPhone platform (T…
…hanks to Jane Sales for her report!)
June 07, 2009
June 07, 2009


Added validatesSecureCertificate property to turn off SSL cert valida…
…tion for testing with self-signed certs
May 31, 2009
May 16, 2009


Fix some issues with progress create by last changeset
April 04, 2009
March 22, 2009


Fix cookies values being re-encoded
March 22, 2009


Added method for cleaning up temporary file downloads, and tests for …
March 22, 2009


Added clang script to handle the fact we now have two projects
Clean up for release
March 16, 2009


Added the ability to resume large file downloads
March 12, 2009


Fix leak in setting response headers
Alter read buffer size depending on the Content-length header
February 27, 2009
February 27, 2009
February 23, 2009


Make gzipped file downloads work
Fix iphone sample to work with renamed properties
January 09, 2009


Parse text encoding from Content-Type header when supplied
Thanks to Shaun Harrison for this suggestion!
January 05, 2009


Reapply tweaks to FormDataRequest tests to ensure they pass
January 05, 2009


Stop ASIHTTPRequest subclasses from recreating statics on initialize …
…and leaking in the process

Thanks to René Post for this fix!
December 31, 2008


* Prevent timeouts in low bandwidth situations when upload size > 128KB
* Ignore first 128KB of upload progress in upload progress delegates, to prevent erroneous reporting of progress
* Remove silly debug code that broke accurate progress on iPhone
December 20, 2008


Add CFNetwork header to make iphone targets build out of the box in r…
…elease configuration

Use removeItemAtPath rather than removeFileAtPath to get rid of warning when targeting iphone
December 09, 2008


Fix bug where HEAD requests created by ASINeworkQueues didn't present…
… the request headers from the main request.

This meant they wouldn't present authentication information or cookies, as well as custom headers.
Errors thrown by the above HEAD requests now set the error on the main request and talk to its delegate when appropriate

Thanks to Alex Reynolds for noticing this issue!
November 17, 2008


Small tweak to fix progress issue when delegate is a UIProgressView (…
…thanks to Roman Busyghin for this fix)
November 13, 2008


Added new method to set file data on ASIFormDataRequest with an NSDat…
…a object

Set content-length for request when setting postBody
Tweak tests
November 12, 2008
November 11, 2008


Fix another silly test url typo
November 11, 2008


Tweak tests to ensure old waitUntilAllOperationsAreFinished behaviour…
… works again
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