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Global setup

Next step

  • mkdir mrpara
  • cd mrpara
  • git init
  • touch README
  • git add README
  • git commit -m 'first commit'
  • git remote add origin
  • git push origin master

Exisiting Git Repo?

  • cd existing_git_repo
  • git remote add origin
  • git push origin master

Importing a SVN Repo?

Click here

When you're done


GitHub specific

Look over the Guidesection. You should also customize your ~/.gitconfig .


	name = Jens Kohl
	email =
	signingkey = 8EFDF903
	status = auto
	diff = auto
	branch = auto
	interactive = auto
	st = status
	ci = commit
	co = checkout
	l = log
	staged = diff --cached
	unstaged = diff
	both = diff HEAD
	oneline = log --pretty=oneline
	amend = commit --amend
	tool = opendiff
	smtpserver =
	aliasesfile = /Users/jkohl/.gitaliases
	aliasfiletype = mailrc
	smtpuser = user
	smtppass = geheim
	smtpssl = true
	numbered = auto
	legacyheaders = false
	excludesfile = /etc/gitexcludes
	editor = mate -w
	usedeltabaseoffset = true
	user = jk
	token = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Die Daten für die github-Direktive gibt es unter Accounts.

Forken, Pullen und Pushen

Forken sollte man gar nicht, wenn man als Contributor eingetragen ist. Pullen geht mit git pull origin master und pushen mit git push origin master