A small OAuth2 server-side implementation in PHP. Supported backend storages are MySQL/MariaDB and MongoDB. Fork of catchdave's repo, which base originally on abandoned code on Gooogle Code.
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OAuth2 PHP implementation

This implementation consists of a server and client.

The master branch implements the IETF OAuth 2.0 Draft 10 specification. You should proabably take a look at the draft-20 branch for the latest and greatest code. Draft 20 was marked to be ready to implement and should be the last draft of OAuth 2.0 before it goes RFC. The draft-20 branch aims to implement the Bearer Token Draft and perhaps in the future even the MAC Token Draft.


  • A recent version of PHP5 (tested on PHP 5.3.5)
  • PDO supported SQL backend (tested with MySQL 5.5.9), if you want to use the PDO example
  • but you can implement the IOAuth2* interfaces under the lib directory by your self (there is no reason, why a NoSQL backend shouldn't be working)

How to setup the OAuth 2 server component

Please have look in server/examples/pdo directory. This should be working with a MySQL server. You can find the scheme SQL under server/examples/pdo/mysql_create_tables.sql and adjust the PDO dsn in server/examples/pdo/config.php.



This repository is released under the MIT licence. Check LICENSE.txt for more detail.