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The Rally UI sucks and anyone that has been subjected to it will either agree with me, or they are paid by Rally. It may be fine for high level requirements, but for day to day working it is bloated and useless.

This is my attempt to make rally useable. It uses the RESTful interface.


sudo gem install rally_rest_api
git clone


Config file

Each script will eval ~/.conf.rb.

  username: 'your user name',
  password: 'your password',
  my_team: ['your login id']

Additionally you can add any number of “_team” arrays. Each of these arrays represents a group of users on a team.


Assume you have the following .conf.rb file

  username: 'me',
  password: 'secret',
  my_team: ['me'],
  our_team: ['you','me']

ruby list_tasks.rb
  Lists all US/DE/TAs owned by the my_team group, which is the user "me"
ruby list_tasks.rb our
  Lists all US/DE/TAs owned by the our_team group, which is "you" and "me"


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