Memcache delete_matched extension for Rails 3
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Memcache Storage Extensions

*NO LONGER ACTIVELY MAINTAINED* - this project should be considered Archived. If you are interested in maintaining an official fork, please contact me directly.

The memcache-store-extensions plugin for Rails 3 adds support for match-based deletes while using the memcached storage engine.


In your Gemfile, make sure you have memcache-client and this gem:

gem 'memcache-client'
gem 'memcache-store-extensions', :git => "git://"

In your config/environments/X.rb, where X is the name of the environment where you'd like to enable caching, make sure you are using the memcached storage engine:

config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store

You now use standard rails caching mechanisms. To expire a fragment:

expire_fragment /.*search.*/

Where the regular expression matches the fragment cache path.