• Mar 14, 2013


    general updates
        new graphs for tenured and young generation
        clicking on scrollbar in chart moves exactly one page (issue #28)
        support for command line only mode (supplied by Peter Bilstein, issue #26)
        support decimals for zoom factor (supplied by Bernd Eckenfels, issue #39)
        better recognition of file format (supplied by Andrey Skripalschikov, issue #42)
        improved performance in chart for large gc logs (supplied by Neil Gentleman, issue #48)
        add new export format "simple gc log" (gchisto compatible, issue #49)
    updates for Sun / Oracle parser
        support for G1 algorithm updated
        support -XX:+PrintAdaptiveSizePolicy -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy (print without use, issue #36)
        support -XX:PrintCMSStatistics=2 (output ignored, issue #33)
        support -XX:+CMSScavengeBeforeRemark in Sun JDK1.5 (issue #41)
        support -XX:+PrintTenuringDistribution for OpenJDK1.6.0_22 (issue #60)
    updates for JRockit parser
        better support for JRockit 1.5 (supplied by Rupesh Ramachandran, issue #45)
        support for JRockit 1.6 (supplied by Rupesh Ramachandran, issue #29)
    updates for IBM parser
        support large numbers in J9 log files (supplied by Bernd Eckenfels + Scott Fraser, issue #40)
  • Jul 14, 2012


    * updates to the G1 parser
      * support new output format (`-XX:+PrintGCDetails`) in jdk 1.7u2+
      * support `-XX:+PrintTenuringDistribution` (output ignored)
      * support `-XX:+PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime` (output ignored)
      * support `-XX:+PrintGCApplicationConcurrentTime` (output ignored)
    * updates to the CMS parser
      * support `-XX:+CMSScavengeBeforeRemark`
      * support `-XX:+PrintPromotionFailure` (output ignored)
      * support AdaptiveSizePolicy-CMS (`-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC`
    * improved performance in chart for large gc logs
    * support B as memory unit
    * bug in unittests fixed when they were run in a different timezone than
    * Support for OSX application bundles (supplied by [Johan
    * support `-XX:-PrintGCTimeStamps` (no timestamps) when
    `-XX:+PrintGCDateStamps` (but datestamps) 
      is used (except for G1)
    * bug fix: timestamp ruler shows nicer values for long durations (not
    3h59m59s but 4h)
    * bug fix: prevent polygon optimisation from producing artifacts in the
    end of the chart
    * support for new timestamp format in IBM JDK 6 (supplied by
    * version also shown on DesktopPane
  • Feb 5, 2012


    - -XX:+PrintAdaptiveSizePolicy implemented for java 1.4 / 1.5 as well
    - NAN with G1 calculating initiatingOccupancyFraction fixed
    - G1 remark with java 7 contains more information (0.218: [GC remark
    0.224: [GC ref-proc, 0.0000049 secs], 0.0059832 secs])
    - treat "Mark stack is full" messages as separate event
    - improved accuracy of young and tenured generation in chart
  • Jan 11, 2012


    * "zero"-point of chart starts with first gc event (not always assumed,
    that "0" seconds is start)
    * new panel showing details about gc pauses found in the log file
    * ignore entries made by `-XX:+PrintHeapAtGC`
    * ignore entries made by `-XX:+PrintAdaptiveSizePolicy`
    * horizontal scrolling in chart with mouse wheel is faster
  • Dec 4, 2011


    - better support for G1 algorithm
    - new chart line showing "initial mark level" (yellow)
    - new chart lines showing begin (cyan) and end (pink) of concurrent
    - view properties are remembered between sessions
    - less parser error messages are displayed
  • Nov 17, 2011


    - AboutDialog graphics updated
    - AboutDialog closes on "escape" + "enter"
    - new metric "promotion" in memory tab
  • Nov 5, 2011


    - parses Sun Java 1.6 GC logs (including CMS and G1)
    - displays more information in data tabs
      -> more details about pause times
      -> initiating occupancy fraction for CMS
      -> sizes of young, tenured, perm generations if available
    - supports -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps
    - recognises "ParNew (promotion failed)" and "(concurrent mode failure)"
    as full gc
    - is compiled with Java 1.6 -> needs 1.6 VM to run