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Mar 04, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Updated screenshot. d9abf7d
Laurent Bachelier Include in the source tarball
This should fix the IOError that occured in
Laurent Bachelier One argument per line 71771dc
Jakub Roztočil Merge pull request #21 from laurentb/packaging
Packaging fixes
Jakub Roztočil Added a link to contributors on GitHub to README. e83e601
Jakub Roztočil Added support for more 256 color terminals.
Closes #20. Thanks, @laurentb.
Chris Faulkner Update references to moved README. f5d4add
Mar 05, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Updated README. 8cff0a3
Jakub Roztočil Update README.rst ccb2aaf
Jakub Roztočil Merge pull request #24 from faulkner/fix-packaging
Update references to moved README.
Closes #23, #24.
praful mathur Added proper JSON highlighting c9eb225
Mar 09, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Added BSD license text
HTTPie is going to be packaged for Debian and this will make it easier. The license and © is still the same as before.
Mar 13, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Added BSD license text
HTTPie is going to be packaged for Debian and this will make it easier. The license and © is still the same as before.
praful mathur Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 78e20c6
Jakub Roztočil Added better JSON highlighting
A JSON-specific lexer for Pygments by Norman Richards (@orb)
has been added. It attempts to provide more interesting syntax
highlighting which correctly distinguishes between attribute
names and values.

Closes #25.
Mar 14, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Added the option to print the request
It is now possible to print any combination of the following
request-response bits:

    - Request headers (H)
    - Request body (B)
    - Response headers (h)
    - Response body (b)

The output is controlled by the --print / -p option which
defaults to "hb" (i.e., response headers and response body).

Note that -p was previously shortcut for --prety.

Closes #29.
Jakub Roztočil Added a "New in development version" link. 5e19e1b
Jakub Roztočil Made sure request Host is correct when printing. ed888a2
Jakub Roztočil Added a --verbose / -v flag
When set, the whole request as well as the response is printed. Shortcut for --print=HBhb.
Jakub Roztočil Added file upload support
It is now possible to send multipart/form-data requests.

Note that the --file option used previously has been removed
because it didn't allow you specify the field name.


    http -f POST field-name@/path/to/file
Jakub Roztočil Fixed tests. 6a1f024
Jakub Roztočil Assume "/" as the Request-URI for printing when none present. ccbea8c
Jakub Roztočil Improved request formatting. e2e749b
Jakub Roztočil Improved README. 1f49900
Mar 15, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Added Python 3 support
Closes #11.
Jakub Roztočil Added `argparse` for Python 3.1. 3dbb61a
Jakub Roztočil Python 3 fixes. ab23037
Jakub Roztočil Python 3 fixes (travis config). 1c5fd18
Mar 22, 2012
Davey Shafik Add support for Digest authentication 153663c
Apr 05, 2012
Matthew M. Boedicker make --verify no command line argument work 71d21d1
Apr 11, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Refactored @mmb's fix to --verify; updated docs.
Closes #32.
Jakub Roztočil Merge branch 'digest-auth' of into …
Jakub Roztočil Added --auth-type and tests for basic/digest auth.
Closes #38.
Jakub Roztočil Lowered the minimum version of requests required
So that the Debian package works out of the box:
Apr 14, 2012
Jake Basile -j/--json now adds "Accept": "application/json" to GET requests if no…
… previous Accept header exists.
Jakub Roztočil Merge pull request #43 from jakebasile/master
-j/--json sets Accept header
Apr 16, 2012
Jake Basile Added ability to escape parameters... except for the := ones. c29981c
Jake Basile Removed accidentally included old funky code. 16df884
Apr 18, 2012
Jake Basile Fixed escaping for long separators. 90af1f7
Apr 24, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Merge pull request #44 from jakebasile/master
Escaping separators
Apr 25, 2012
Jakub Roztočil Fixed several unicode-related issues
Closes #31 Python 3 & non-ascii arguments => UnicodeEncodeError
Closes #41 Unicode response error.
Closes #42 UnicodeEncodeError when piping Unicode output
Jakub Roztočil Major clean-up and refactoring. c5b1aaa
Jakub Roztočil Updated README and docs. 7910269
Jakub Roztočil 0.2.0 3a96706
Jakub Roztočil Updated README. b8cc7c2
Jakub Roztočil Fixed classifiers in 3d11042