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It would be sometimes very nice to be able to PUT a large file without buffering it first.
And it seems that requests supports the chunked encoding well:

Creating a generator in _body_from_file if a --chunked option is set seems simple enough, but I guess something would have to be done for --print=B to work (or maybe suppress the output with a reasonable message - since the (or at least my) use case would be large, generally binary, files).


👍 planning on implementing this soon

@jkbrzt jkbrzt changed the title from support sending redirected input without buffering (chunked) to Streamed uploads Feb 12, 2015

Stupid question: is there a way to do multipart/form-data uploads with httpie? If so, you'll want to stream those eventually too and there's a bunch of utilities in the requests-toolbelt to help with this including a way to monitor the upload of a streamed multipart/form-data request.


@sigmavirus24 yep, you can upload files as well:

$ http -f POST name='John Smith' cv@~/Documents/cv.pdf

I'll take a look at the features provided by requests-toolbelt. Thanks for the tip!


Just to be sure, as I don't want to create a duplicate ticket: When I try to upload big files (2GB), I get the following error:

http: error: ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', error(22, 'Invalid argument'))

I think this is related to this issue, as the file can not be uploaded chunked yet, isn't it?

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