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Windows package #58

mahmoudhossam opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I think someone should use py2exe or a similar tool to make an msi package for httpie.

Installing python and pip is a major hassle for anyone who just wants to use httpie on windows, which doesn't come with python installed by default.

@jkbrzt jkbrzt referenced this issue

Installer #66


@mercury2269 This is not the sort of thing I'm talking about here, people should get Httpie up and running without even having to install python.

Many people aren't python people and installing pip on windows is a hassle nobody should go through, not even python developers.


Someone on Twitter has also mentioned Chocolatey, which looks like a decent package manager for Windows. That should allow you to install HTTPie using this simple command:

cinst httpie -source python

But that would require the user to have it installed, wouldn't a standalone installer be better?

Edit: I'll try to make a windows installer using py2exe and Inno Setup

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