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Installer #66

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It's quite complicated to install httpie, especially for non-Python folks. Some Linux distros already include it as a package but most often one still has to use pip or easy_install manually.

It would be great to have an installer that checks whether Python and pip are available and installs them if necessary before installing httpie itself. Something like curl | sh could be made quite universal.

Also, a homebrew recipe would be handy for Mac OSX user.

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+1 to the homebrew recipe.


+1 homebrew




What's difficult with easy_install or pip ?

Python have it's own package manager I think it's not a good idea to repackage every package.

This first cause it's that maintener will probably every time publish it's package on pypi first.
Second, it's a waste of time to support two way of install while it's pip job.

It's the same problem with most of Linux distro, module packaged by distribution are all the time outaded and not every time nicely installed like pip do.

Just run:

easy_install pip
pip install httpie

@Socketubs I don't use pip or easy_install, as I'm not a Python guy. All my unix tools are installed with brew, and I update it regularly. If I install HTTPie with pip, I'm sure I'll forget about updating it in a few weeks.


It won't happen, the homebrew guys don't want to.
"Homebrew doesn’t install gems, eggs, etc. If you want them, read: Gems, Eggs and Perl Modules"

(Don't get me wrong, I think they are misguided, and that howebrew is the worst package manager available on Mac OS, while thinking all the others are horribly bad.)


@Socketubs I haven't looked into this very thoroughly but the preliminary idea is that the Homebrew formula would be just a wrapper around pip (it would also install it first if necessary).

@laurentb You are right, most likely it wouldn't get accepted, but my understanding is that you can host homebrew formulae outside the official repo and add them using the tap command. Something like this:

brew tap jkbr/httpie
brew install httpie

+1 homebrew


+1 homebrew


Still not have a clean way to distribute python egg or ruby gems with homebrew ?


As of today it's possible to install HTTPie via Homebrew:

$ brew update && brew install httpie

@jkbrzt jkbrzt closed this

:+1: Thanks a bunch!

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