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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Apr 3, 2020

This release introduces a way to use container images as library packages, as described in RFC 0003.

It also includes some changes that make jk commands work more consistently:

  • fileysytem writes are sandboxed similarly to filesystem reads PR 346
  • jk transform and jk validate now read and write to the files given as arguments, even if they are given as absolute or parent paths (previously they were subject to the sandboxing, but this doesn't make sense for files that are named on the command line) PR 338
  • there are now symbols in @jkcfg/std for stdin and stdout, to be used with read and write respectively PR 339
  • jk validate and jk transform now handle YAML and JSON files containing more than one value PR 334
  • jk generate will validate values if you include a validation function in its input, per RFC 0002
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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Oct 29, 2019

Fix: Corrects a problem with the initial fs.walk implementation (#292)
Fix: Corrects a bug in the build process introduced by #281

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Oct 28, 2019

Feature: Adds a jk validate command (#279)
Feature: Adds a jk transform command (#257)
Fix: Runtime messages are now output to stderr, leaving stdout for printing results only (#281)

Change: After #281, std.log outputs to stderr, and does not accept formatting options. Use std.print(value, options?) to print values to stdout. This is not considered a breaking change as std.log behaviour was left (largely) undefined.

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Aug 21, 2019

Breaking changes: 0.3.0 changes or remove features that have been deprecated during the 0.2.x cycle. The exhaustive list of deprecated constructs can be found in the documentation.

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Aug 14, 2019

Feature: Add a new mergeFull function that is destined to merge the current merge function of the @jkcfg/std/merge module in 0.3.0. With this we should have a much better base for array and object merging, including implementing the Kubernetes strategic merges. More details and examples can be found in the API reference.

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Jul 24, 2019

Feature: The jk linux binary is now linked statically to reduce its dependency on recent libstdc++.
Documentation: Added a plethora of @jkcfg/kubernetes examples.
Documentation: We now run all examples in CI and check they output the expected result.

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Jul 5, 2019

FIx: Fix npm module resolution with jk generate (see: 7444ec5)
Documentation: We now generate a reference API for @jkcfg/std, albeit still mostly without comments:

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Jun 11, 2019

Feature: New std.parse and std.unparse functions to transform a string into a js value and a js value into JSON/YAML/HCL strings, respectively.
Documentation: Added some usage examples, including a somewhat complete micro-service definition

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this May 16, 2019

Feature: jk has gained a new generate command. Instead of using std.write in an imperative fashion, one can now declare the list of configuration files to produce in the default export and leave the generation to jk. The quick start examples have been ported to generate.
Feature: jk run has been extended to support running a script from stdin and from an npm package.
Change: Expose @jkcfg/std/merge as its own module.

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@dlespiau dlespiau released this Apr 25, 2019

Change: The std library has received an overhaul: it's now written in typescript and is composed of several modules. As a consequence a number of previous imports are deprecated.

Feature: run has now a -d option to list the dependencies of a script: files it imports, reads or source for input parameters. This allows external program to watch those dependencies for changes and know when to re-run jk to generate the corresponding new configuration.

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