It's like a text messenger app, but much more annoying. You can specify the number of times to send that text and boom goes the dynamite.
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Android Text Bomber

Just a standard text messenging app...yes?  No!  Ok yes.  You got autocompletion like all other text apps for your contacts.  You can put in some message to send to your friends.  Buuut, with this nifty/annoying app you can also specify how many times to send the text, effectively turning your phone into a B2 bomber out for your friend's battery life (and text messenge cap if they have one).

With that said, there are a few warnings.  This project is still young, just recently checked in, so there are a few quirky things still to be worked out.  Also, I targetted towards my phone b/c I'm selfish like that.  So it only works for Gingerbread (2.3).  It might work for others, but I wouldn't know.

Ok thats it.  N-joy.