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My template for making a basic lambda function (no api call)
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My template for making a basic lambda function when there's no API call -- such as when the function is triggered by CloudWatch (such as every 15 mins) or by an Alexa command.

For lambda functions triggered by API calls, I use claudia-api-builder. My Party Bot is a simple exapmle of that.

Base files

I add these to my repo:

  • .gitignore is my file for ignoring files.

  • index.js is where I build the bot. This will get called by the lambda function.

  • test.js is how I run index.js locally, to test it:

node test.js

Setting Up Claudia

npm init --yes
npm install claudia --save-dev

Here are some important notes about the creation command I'm about to run:

  • I use the full path to claudia because it sometimes doesn't work otherwise
  • In this app, the bot runs in index.js.
  • The "index.handler" in the command below comes from the name of the file index.js and the module inside that file exports.handler.
  • For permission to run/use the function, I'm using a "role" I've already set up instead of my own credentials. The role was set up in IAM, Amazon's permissions system. More about that in the Claudia installation documents.
  • Other arguments for the create command are listed here.

So this command creates the lambda function initially:

./node_modules/.bin/claudia create --region us-east-1 --handler index.handler --role lambda_basic_execution

Any subsequent updates can skip all of that and just use this command:

./node_modules/.bin/claudia update
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