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Notes while building better-weather-alexa

Lambda Function

Copied the following files from my pi-photo-lambda project:


Then installed claudia (but don't need api-gateway, because the trigger will be Amazon Skills Kit.

npm init --yes
npm install claudia fast-csv --save-dev
npm install request alexa-sdk --save

Pushed the initial deploy to lambda using this:

AWS_PROFILE=personal-lambda-master ./node_modules/.bin/claudia create --region us-east-1 --handler bot.handler --role lambda-executor

AWS_PROFILE=personal-lambda-master ./node_modules/.bin/claudia update

Then ...

  • Logged into AWS
  • Went into the AWS Lambda console
  • Clicked on the better-weather-lambda function
  • Under "Add Triggers" picked "Alexa Skills Kit"
  • Needed to scroll down to the "Configure Trigger" and confirm the default there
  • Then "Save" at the top of the page
  • Set Timeout to 20 seconds
  • Set Memory to 256MB

Alexa Setup

  • Opened a new tab in my browser
  • Went to
  • Logged in
  • Skill Information
    • Picked "Alexa Skills Kit"
    • Name: "Better Weather"
    • Invocation name: "better weather"
    • Next
  • Interaction Model:
  • Configuration
    • Went back to the AWS Lambda function tab in my browser and copied the "ARN" from the top of the page, which looks like: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:XXXXXXXX:function:better-weather-alexa
    • Back to the Alexa tab
    • Service Endpoint Type: AWS Lambda ARN
    • Default: Pasted the ARN from the Lambda tab
    • Provide geographical region endpoints? No
    • Do you allow users to create an account or link to an existing account with you? No
    • In order to (later) have the skill adjust to the user's location, checked "Device Address" and "Country & Postal Code Only"
    • Next

Zip Code Lookup

I want to customize the response based on the user's zip code. So process will be:

  • Get Zip Code from user
  • Translate Zip Code to Lat Lon
    • Got Zip Code Centroids:
    • Made utility for converting into JSON: utilities/zips_to_json
    • Note that there MUST be a carriage return after the last line, or you'll get a column header mismatch expected: ... error.
  • Send Lat lon to NWS for the forecast URL
    • See below
  • Hit forecast URL for the forecast!

Weather Forecast

Built that in the BuildSpeech() function.

I needed to adjust bot.js to be get the weather from the National Weather Service, which is really my favorite source. The API is here.

OK ... WHOA ... that API is totally unreliable. Today it had yesterday's information stuck in it. And depending on the forecast URL, I either couldn't hit it or I couldn't hit it from a lambda function. (Also couldn't hit it if I VPN'd to somewhere else in the US.)

Instead, I'm hitting a NWS weather forecast page based on this URL structure ...

... and then scraping the forecast-label and forecast-text right off the page.

Also added a cache-bust to the url, like &cb=123456, to ensure we always get a fresh forecast.

User Experience Tweaks


Turns out that mph. at the end of a sentence -- such as "Wind from the west at 10 mph." -- don't get treated like the end of a sentence. To make that clearer, I'm going to replace mph. with mph. ... for a natural pause.

Waiting to get info

I want Alexa to say "Just a moment while I get your better weather from the national weather service ..." and then continue with the regular processing.

Turns out that's called issuing a progressive response, or "Directive" ... and details on that are here

The code for that looks like this:

Authorization: Bearer AxThk...
Content-Type: application/json

    "speech":"This text is spoken while your skill processes the full response."