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…list() method.
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+use strict;
+use warnings;
+use feature qw( :5.10 );
+use Data::Dumper;$Data::Dumper::Indent=1;
+use Carp;
+use Cwd;
+use CPAN::Mini::Visit::Simple;
+=head1 NAME
+ - Use the C<refresh_list()> method
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+ perl
+This program illustrates how to use the CPAN::Mini::Visit::Simple
+C<refresh_list()> method.
+Earlier programming created a file called F<success.builds.txt> which
+consisted of records looking like this:
+ C/CT/CTILMES/Proc-Wait3-0.03.tar.gz:EUMM
+ C/CT/CTRONDLP/X11-GUITest-0.21.tar.gz:EUMM
+ D/DA/DAGOLDEN/ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.2203.tar.gz:MB
+ D/DA/DANIEL/Crypt-OpenSSL-PKCS12-0.5.tar.gz:EUMM
+ D/DA/DANIEL/Crypt-OpenSSL-X509-1.0.tar.gz:EUMM
+..., I<i.e.>, colon-delimited records where the first element is the part of a
+particular CPAN distribution's path in the minicipan below the F<author/id/>
+directory and the second element is a string consisting either of C<EUMM>
+(ExtUtils::MakeMaker) or C<MB> (Module::Build). Distributions were placed in
+this list if they built both successfully and fully automatically, I<i.e.>,
+without any requirement that a user enter information in response to a
+command-line prompt.
+Over time, the authors of these distributions will upload new versions to
+CPAN, which will, in turn eventually be reflected in a users minicpan
+repository on disk. Having gone to the effort of identifying which CPAN
+distributions we want to use in our research, we want to make sure we are
+working with up-to-date versions thereof.
+Enter: C<refresh_list()>.
+This program creates two lists, one for EUMM distributions and one for MB
+distributions. It then uses those lists as arguments to two separate calls to
+C<refresh_list()>. Since C<refresh_list()> expects absolute paths, we have to
+prepend each record with the F<minicpan/author/id/> path. Each call to
+C<refresh_list()> returns an array reference holding a list of absolute paths
+to distributions found in the updated minicpan repository. This array ref is
+suitable for passing on to other methods (not illustrated).
+my $cwd = cwd();
+my $builds_file = qq|$cwd/success.builds.txt|;
+my (@eumm_distros, @mb_distros);
+open my $IN, '<', $builds_file or croak;
+while (my $d = <$IN>) {
+ chomp $d;
+ my @data = split /:/, $d;
+ if ($data[1] eq 'EUMM') {
+ push @eumm_distros, $data[0];
+ }
+ elsif ($data[1] eq 'MB') {
+ push @mb_distros, $data[0];
+ }
+ else {
+ carp "$data[0] mysterious";
+ }
+close $IN or croak;
+say "EUMM: ", sprintf "%5d" => scalar @eumm_distros;
+say "MB: ", sprintf "%5d" => scalar @mb_distros;
+my $self = CPAN::Mini::Visit::Simple->new();
+my $id_dir = $self->get_id_dir();
+my $refreshed_eumm_list_ref = $self->refresh_list( {
+ derived_list => [ map { qq|$id_dir/$_| } @eumm_distros ],
+} );
+my $refreshed_mb_list_ref = $self->refresh_list( {
+ derived_list => [ map { qq|$id_dir/$_| } @mb_distros ],
+} );
+#say Dumper $refreshed_eumm_list_ref;
+say Dumper $refreshed_mb_list_ref;

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