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Host static webpages in ethereum transactions.

The Etherstatic project lets you host static websites, or any arbitrary text within the ethereum blockchain.

This tool makes it very simple to publish your webpage to the blockchain in an ethereum-enabled browser, and specifically gives instructions for setting up metamask.

View the website here:

After you publish your static webpage or text through etherstatic, it will be hosted on the ethereum blockchain for as long as it exists. It can be used to provide a record of something. While you might pay a recurring cost for your own web hosting server, you just pay a one time cost to the ethereum network and then it is published there.

Sample Webpage

View a webpage hosted within the ethereum blockchain

This webpage is being read from the ethereum blockchain at this transaction:

How it works

You can publish any html or text as data in an ethereum transaction, and this site provides an interface to publish the site, or view an existing transaction as a website.

The html or ascii data is converted to hex and then published as the data in a transaction. The value sent is 0, so the total cost paid is the cost of the gas associated with the size of the data.

How to run

  • Clone the git repository
  • Run $ python -m http.server 8080 Updated for python3
  • Visit in your browser at localhost:8080

To deploy

  • $ git push web master


This website is built using ethereum nodes from infura

Listed on the State of the Dapps:

Web3 Library


Host static websites in ethereum transactions



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