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The Jigsaw Piece Maker

A jigsaw puzzle pieces generator that levels the playing field.

This script may change a lot as I have yet to really use it for any active projects.

It basically creates jigsaw puzzle pieces in two formats: svg, and png. The number and size of pieces are set by passing the script different options. It takes a while to run if doing a lot of pieces. It currently uses potrace, and imagemagick convert subprocesses.



Python Packages:

Other Software needed:

If on ubuntu or other debian based distro:

$ apt-get install imagemagick potrace libffi-dev python-libxml2 libxml2-dev python-lxml

Install with pip in editable mode for developing and such:

$ pip install -e .


See the for more. Not everything has been implemented, but to create 100 randomly generated jigsaw puzzle pieces:

./bin/piecemaker --dir test  --number-of-pieces 100 test.jpg

Some in progress notes and such

These notes and such are probably outdated...

just clips - only create a clips svg file

clips - specify a clips svg file

compute adjacent - adds the adjacent piece id's to each piece in JSON file.

minimum piece size - Will change the count of pieces to meet this requirement

max pixels - Will scale down the original image to meet this requirement

scaled sizes - output multiple scaled versions of piece pngs


clips svg file

adjacent.json - Lists each piece and their adjacent pieces


  full/ - unscaled version
    pieces.json - JSON file with pieces info
      directory with piece png files
  scaled-50/ - scaled 50% version (set by 'scaled sizes' option)
    pieces.json - JSON file with pieces info
      directory with piece png files