Make a sprite sheet from Blender animation files
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BlenderSpriter (alpha 2)



This script turns character animations into sprite sheets.

For each .blend file in the blend_files directory with a camera set up to point at the target object, it will run through all of the animations and output the animation in the listed directions into a 1024x1024 .png file.


I'm running this with the 2.68a version of Blender and the included Python on Windows. I installed the Pillow image processing library in my installed version of Python3.3 and then copied the PIL and Pillow-2.1.0-py3.3.egg-info directories from the /Lib/site-packages directory to Blender's python/lib/site-packages directory

The config file has options for output path, anti-aliasing, and frame skipping

What you'll need to do in the .blend file:

  • Create an empty object called "Grip"
  • Set Grip as the parent of your camera
  • Set Grip as the parent of all lamps
  • Make sure the camera is set to Orthographic
  • Position the camera so that the entire object is visible and is as close to the edge as possible (accounting for animations)
  • Check the included player.blend file for examples


c:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/blender.exe --background --python"

There is an ant script and .sh script included as well

I also had to do this:


To get it to see the file.


The output goes into the output directory, split into an images directory for the sprite sheets and a js directory for the JSON files with the animation lists.

Known Issues:

[ ] It only lets you fill one 1024x1024 page per .blend file

(Windows) I tried using an external version of Python 3.3, but I got the cannot import name: MAXREPEAT exception and couldn't get past it.

Further Reading: