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A python utility to find file paths.
Python Shell
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A utility to find file paths.


from pathfinder import find

# get all directories and sub-directories in current directory
paths = find(".", just_dirs=True)

# get all files in the current directory and all sub-directories
paths = find(".", just_files=True)

# get all jpg files using a regex
paths = find(".", regex=".*\.jpg$")

# get all jpg files using posix wildcards
paths = find(".", fnmatch="*.jpg")

# get all jpg files and png files
from pathfinder import FnmatchFilter
from pathfinder import OrFilter
jpg_filter = FnmatchFilter("*.jpg")
png_filter = FnmatchFilter("*.png")
gif_filter = FnmatchFilter("*.gif")
image_filter = OrFilter(jpg_filter, png_filter, gif_filter)
paths = find(".", filter=image_filter)

# shortcut using bitwise or
paths = find(".", filter=jpg_filter | png_filter | gif_filter)

# even shorter using ImageFilter to find all images
from pathfinder import ImageFilter
paths = find(".", filter=ImageFilter())

# and an even shorter way
paths = ImageFilter().find(".")


To install pathfinder, simply:

$ pip install pathfinder
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