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The open source toolbox for growers large and small!

PR's and improvements very welcome.

Start in index.js and working your way backwards through components should give you a pretty good picture of how things fit together -- long story short, duplicate a calculator, import it into calculator_container.jsx, and make a PR. Helpers for inputs and units should make life easy, and while the props on those aren't fantastically documented, it should be pretty trivial to intuit what they're doing from the source in io.jsx.



$ git clone
$ yarn

Serve for development (hot reload enabled in dev; check your terminal output for bound address and port, typically http://localhost:8080):

$ yarn watch

Please consider removing the Google Analytics tracking code from index.html for development if you're serving from a domain other than localhost; I don't think GA will register hits from another domain, but I'd rather be safe than sorry and get thousands of garbage hits haha (also, GA is .just used as a glorified hit counter and so I can see which calculators are getting the most use/could benefit people the most from additional attention or tuning)

Canna-Calc is served from dist which is an ignored directory and populated by the CI tool on build, but if you want to make a local bundle for testing, you can put a final static build in the dist folder with:

$ yarn build

Before submitting a PR, please make sure you yarn lint to beautify (Prettier) the code in place and keep a consistent style.

Spirit of the Calculators

It's important that these calculators remain democratized (open source), objective (no potentially competing financial interests or obligations), and empirical (math is not subjective). In this vein:

  • I'm willing to add thank-you links to the bottom in an unobtrusive way in return for promotion, but not in return for money

  • I'm only interested in calculators that have one right answer (e.g. amount of CO2 a plant needs is debatable, but how much flow you need to get from 300 to 1500ppm is not; how many mg belongs in an edible serving is super variable, but how much plant matter at X% THC to get to N mg/serving is not, etc.), so calculators should have firm science backing them up

  • Canna-Calc is about helping with math, not pushing product -- answers should be in objective, industry standard units, and not in a product (e.g. Canna-Calc will tell you you need 300 watts of lights, not that you need GROWCORP INC. AMAZING 300W HID LAMP, nor suggesting it as an option) -- that's for the user to decide; we just offer facts.


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