vSphere SDK for Python. Provision, manage and query objects in your vSphere infrastructure.
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psphere is a Python interface for the VMware vSphere Web Services SDK, a powerful API for programatically managing your VMware infrastructure:

  • Provision, clone and snapshot virtual machines
  • Query and configure clusters, host systems and datastores
  • Programatically configure ESXi hosts (i.e. for automation)

psphere can be used to create standalone Python scripts or used as a library in larger Python applications (e.g. Django).


>>> from psphere.client import Client
>>> client = Client("your.esxserver.com", "Administrator", "strongpass")
>>> servertime = client.si.CurrentTime()
>>> print(servertime)
2010-09-04 18:35:12.062575
>>> client.logout()


The latest stable version of psphere can be installed from PyPi:

# pip install -U psphere


Discussion and support can be found on the psphere Google Group.