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Installation Instructions

  1. Copy Keen.fw to the SD card and place it in the folder /odroid/firmware/
  2. Create a folder on the SD card: /data/keen/
  3. Download the CloneKeen source code and extract it to a temporary folder:

  1. Open the extracted CloneKeen source folder and navigate to: /keen/bin/
  2. Copy everything from this folder to /data/keen/ on the SD Card.
  3. Copy all the files from the Full version or Shareware Commander Keen Episodes 1, 2 & 3 to the SD card folder: /data/keen/data/
  4. Put the SD card in the Odroid-Go, then start while holding B.
  5. Flash the Keen firmware.

Example SD card files:

  • /odroid/firmware/Keen.fw
  • /data/keen/keen.conf
  • /data/keen/palette.ini
  • /data/keen/strings.dat
  • /data/keen/...
  • /data/keen/data/CTLPANEL.CK1
  • /data/keen/data/CTLPANEL.CK2
  • /data/keen/data/CTLPANEL.CK3
  • /data/keen/data/...
  • /data/keen/gfx/100.tga
  • /data/keen/gfx/200.tga
  • /data/keen/gfx/500.tga
  • /data/keen/gfx/...


If you have problems starting up, have a look at the log file: /data/keen/ck.log

It may have more information on what your problem is.

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