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ox-ipynb — Convert an org-file to an ipynb

This module allows you to export an org-file to an Ipython notebook. Python and R notebooks are currently supported. It is not currently possible to mix these languages.

About this module

The Jupyter/Ipython notebooks are ultimately just json files. This module parses an org-file, and creates json files that represent them. The parsing is rudimentary. Jupyter notebooks only have two basic cells: text and code. This module tries to parse the org-file into those two kinds of cells.

See this example org-file: ./ and the corresponding ipynb: ./example.ipynb.

(require 'ox-ipynb)

This will install a new export menu titled “Export to jupyter notebook” with the sub-options to export to a buffer, to a file, to a file and open, and to slides and open.


See ./ to see how to make a slideshow out an org-file.

Adding a new language

It is probably possible to add new languages by adding to the variables ox-ipynb-kernelspecs and ox-ipynb-language-infos. These were reverse-engineered to make the json metadata. I do not know what the minimal setup for this is required and suggest adapting these variables by example.

Extract ox-ipynb from scimax

This block is adapted from

cd /Users/jkitchin/vc/jkitchin-github/scimax
git log --pretty=email --patch-with-stat --reverse --full-index --binary -- ox-ipynb.el > /tmp/patch

mkdir /Users/jkitchin/vc/jkitchin-github/ox-ipynb
cd /Users/jkitchin/vc/jkitchin-github/ox-ipynb
git init
git am < /tmp/patch


org-mode exporter to Jupyter notebooks



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