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Justin Kitzes | Data Science Lessons

This repo contains lesson materials developed by Justin Kitzes for teaching data science skills to scientists. The lessons can be used as self-paced tutorials or as teaching materials for live workshops.

If you are interested in reviewing the lesson materials, you can find all of the lessons nicely rendered at the GitHub pages site for this repo. Feel free to use this site for personal use or teaching (all content is CC-BY 4.0).

If you are a Software Carpentry instructor and want to use these lessons in a workshop, begin by creating a repo for your workshop following the usual instructions. Then simply copy the lessons subdirectory from a clone of this datasci-lessons repo into your new workshop repo (Jekyll will render the html lesson pages directly from the markdown files). Then just add links to the lesson pages that you wish to use from the workshop schedule (e.g., from index.html in the workshop repo, link to lessons/git/index.html for the git lesson).

If you have questions, suggestions, or corrections, please feel free to raise an issue or contact me directly.