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This project was part of "Embedded Software Development Environments" course in
spring 2012 (University of Oulu, Faculty of Science, Department of Information
Processing Science). Goal was to develop an application for transmitting and
receiving signals using Continuous Wave Protocol (protocol designed only for
use by this course).
Protocol specification is available at
CWP Morse Mangle
by Jussi Kivilinna <>
1. Installing and building
2. Usage
1. Building
Here's up-to-date building instructions:
1. Requirements
- Eclipse with Android Development Tools installed.
2. Import project directory to Eclipse
- Start Eclipse and select "File->Import".
- Select "General->Existing Projects into Workspace".
- Browse into directory where you have downloaded CWP Morse Mangle.
- Select "Copy to workspace" and press "Finish".
3. Fix project settings
- If running into problems after importing:
+ Select CWPMorseMangle with right-click from "Package Explorer" and select
"Android Tools->Fix Project Properties".
- Make sure that project has UTF-8 as encoding character set:
+ Select CWPMorseMangle with right-click from "Package Explorer" and select
+ Select "Resources" and if current "Text file encoding" is not UTF-8,
select "Other: UTF-8".
4. Build and run application selecting "Run->Run" from main-menu.
2. Usage
On start up application shows main-screen which contains:
- "Morse message" field: Used to input morse messages for sending.
+ After entering message press "Send morse" button to initiate
message transfer to server.
- "Received messages" area: Used to display detected and decoded morse
messages from server.
- Lamp: Can be pressed to send signals and is used to show received signals.
+ Signals can also generate audio and physical response, depending on
current settings.
- "Channel selection" field: Used to change and display current channel.
Main-screen has menu with following entries:
- "Settings": Enter settings-screen.
- "Clear messages": Clears "Received messages" area of main-screen.
- "Send S.O.S.": Send S.O.S. morse message to server.
- "Reset connection": Resets connection to server.
Settings-screen contains settings used by application:
- "CWP Server Setup"
+ "Server address": Address of CWP server (default:
+ "Server port": Port number for CWP server (default: 20000)
- "Morse setup"
+ "Sending speed": Speed at which to send morse messages
- "Fast": Morse "dot" length is 10 ms.
- "Medium": Morse "dot" length is 100 ms. (default)
- "Slow": Morse "dot" length is 200 ms.
- "Signal notifications"
+ "Allow beep": Enable/Disable tone when receiving signal.
+ "Allow vibration": Enable/Disable vibration when receiving signal.
When leaving main-screen, application stays running on background waiting
signals from CWP server. When signal is received application displays
notification in the notification-bar.