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// JK_Botti - be more human!
// bot.h
#ifndef BOT_H
#define BOT_H
#include <ctype.h>
#include "safe_snprintf.h"
// Manual branch optimization for GCC 3.0.0 and newer
#if !defined(__GNUC__) || __GNUC__ < 3
#define likely(x) (x)
#define unlikely(x) (x)
#define likely(x) __builtin_expect((long int)!!(x), true)
#define unlikely(x) __builtin_expect((long int)!!(x), false)
#define JKASSERT(_x_) \
do { if (unlikely(!!(_x_))) UTIL_AssertConsolePrintf(#_x_, __FILE__, __LINE__); } while(0)
// stuff for Win32 vs. Linux builds
#ifdef __linux__
#define Sleep sleep
#define stricmp strcasecmp
#define strcmpi strcasecmp
#define strnicmp strncasecmp
typedef int BOOL;
// for detecting submods
#define SUBMOD_HLDM 0
#define SUBMOD_SEVS 1
#define SUBMOD_XDM 3
#define SUBMOD_OP4 4
// global defines
#define PLAYER_SEARCH_RADIUS (64 - 4.0)
// define a new bit flag for bot identification
#define FL_THIRDPARTYBOT (1 << 27)
// teamplay_gamerules.h
#define MAX_TEAMS 32
#define LADDER_UP 1
#define LADDER_DOWN 2
#define WANDER_LEFT 1
#define WANDER_RIGHT 2
#define RESPAWN_IDLE 1
// waypoint goal types
#define WPT_GOAL_NONE 0
#define WPT_GOAL_ARMOR 2
#define WPT_GOAL_AMMO 4
#define WPT_GOAL_ITEM 5
#define WPT_GOAL_ENEMY 10
// instant damage (from cbase.h)
#define DMG_CRUSH (1 << 0) // crushed by falling or moving object
#define DMG_BURN (1 << 3) // heat burned
#define DMG_FREEZE (1 << 4) // frozen
#define DMG_FALL (1 << 5) // fell too far
#define DMG_SHOCK (1 << 8) // electric shock
#define DMG_DROWN (1 << 14) // Drowning
#define DMG_NERVEGAS (1 << 16) // nerve toxins, very bad
#define DMG_RADIATION (1 << 18) // radiation exposure
#define DMG_DROWNRECOVER (1 << 19) // drowning recovery
#define DMG_ACID (1 << 20) // toxic chemicals or acid burns
#define DMG_SLOWBURN (1 << 21) // in an oven
#define DMG_SLOWFREEZE (1 << 22) // in a subzero freezer
#define BOT_NAME_LEN 32
#define MAX_BOT_CHAT 100
typedef struct
int index;
char * skin;
char * name;
int skill;
int top_color;
int bottom_color;
} cfg_bot_record_t;
typedef struct breakable_list_s
qboolean inuse;
struct breakable_list_s * next;
qboolean material_breakable;
edict_t *pEdict;
} breakable_list_t;
typedef struct
int iId; // weapon ID
int iClip; // amount of ammo in the clip
int iAmmo1; // amount of ammo in primary reserve
int iAmmo2; // amount of ammo in secondary reserve
} bot_current_weapon_t;
typedef struct
qboolean is_used;
int userid;
int cfg_bot_index;
edict_t *pEdict;
qboolean need_to_initialize;
char name[BOT_NAME_LEN];
char skin[BOT_SKIN_LEN];
int bot_skill;
int weapon_skill;
float f_recoil;
float f_kick_time;
float f_create_time;
float f_frame_time;
float f_bot_spawn_time;
int chat_percent;
int taunt_percent;
int whine_percent;
int endgame_percent;
int chat_tag_percent;
int chat_drop_percent;
int chat_swap_percent;
int chat_lower_percent;
double connect_time;
double stay_time;
qboolean b_on_ground;
qboolean b_on_ladder;
qboolean b_in_water;
qboolean b_ducking;
qboolean b_has_enough_ammo_for_good_weapon;
qboolean b_low_health;
int eagle_secondary_state;
// things from pev in CBasePlayer...
float idle_angle;
float idle_angle_time;
float blinded_time;
float bot_think_time;
float f_last_think_time;
float msecdel;
float msecval;
float f_max_speed;
float f_prev_speed;
float f_speed_check_time;
Vector v_prev_origin;
float f_find_item;
edict_t *pBotPickupItem;
int ladder_dir;
float f_start_use_ladder_time;
float f_end_use_ladder_time;
qboolean waypoint_top_of_ladder;
float f_wall_check_time;
float f_wall_on_right;
float f_wall_on_left;
float f_dont_avoid_wall_time;
float f_look_for_waypoint_time;
float f_jump_time;
float f_drop_check_time;
int wander_dir;
qboolean b_not_maxspeed;
float f_move_direction;
float f_strafe_direction; // 0 = none, negative = left, positive = right
float f_strafe_time;
float f_exit_water_time;
Vector waypoint_origin;
float f_waypoint_time;
int curr_waypoint_index;
int prev_waypoint_index[5];
float f_random_waypoint_time;
int waypoint_goal;
float f_waypoint_goal_time;
float prev_waypoint_distance;
int wpt_goal_type;
edict_t *pTrackSoundEdict; // used when wpt_goal_type == WPT_GOAL_TRACK_SOUND
float f_track_sound_time; // how long we track sound?
int exclude_points[EXCLUDE_POINTS_COUNT+1]; // ten item locations + 1 null
float f_last_item_found;
edict_t *pBotEnemy;
float f_bot_see_enemy_time;
Vector v_bot_see_enemy_origin;
float f_next_find_visible_sound_enemy_time;
float f_last_time_attacked;
edict_t *killer_edict;
qboolean b_bot_say;
float f_bot_say;
char bot_say_msg[256];
float f_bot_chat_time;
qboolean b_bot_endgame;
float f_duck_time;
float f_random_jump_time;
float f_random_jump_duck_time;
float f_random_jump_duck_end;
float f_random_duck_time;
int prev_random_type;
qboolean b_longjump;
float f_combat_longjump;
qboolean b_combat_longjump;
float f_longjump_time;
qboolean b_longjump_do_jump;
float f_sniper_aim_time;
float f_shoot_time;
float f_primary_charging;
float f_secondary_charging;
int charging_weapon_id;
float f_grenade_search_time;
float f_grenade_found_time;
int current_weapon_index;
float current_opt_distance;
float f_move_speed;
float f_pause_time;
float f_pause_look_time;
float f_sound_update_time;
qboolean b_see_tripmine;
qboolean b_shoot_tripmine;
Vector v_tripmine;
edict_t *tripmine_edict;
qboolean b_use_health_station;
float f_use_health_time;
qboolean b_use_HEV_station;
float f_use_HEV_time;
qboolean b_use_button;
float f_use_button_time;
qboolean b_lift_moving;
Vector v_use_target;
int logo_percent;
qboolean b_spray_logo;
float f_spray_logo_time;
char logo_name[16];
int top_color;
int bottom_color;
float f_reaction_target_time; // time when enemy targeting starts
float f_weaponchange_time;
float f_current_hearing_sensitivity;
qboolean b_set_special_shoot_angle;
float f_special_shoot_angle;
bot_current_weapon_t current_weapon; // one current weapon for each bot
int m_rgAmmo[MAX_AMMO_SLOTS]; // total ammo amounts (1 array for each bot)
// for counting msec effency
float total_frame_time;
float total_msecval;
int total_counter;
} bot_t;
#define MAX_TEAMS 32
#define MAX_FLAGS 5
typedef struct {
edict_t *edict;
int team_no;
#define MAX_BACKPACKS 100
typedef struct {
edict_t *edict;
int armor; // 0=none
int health; // 0=none
int ammo; // 0=none
int team; // 0=all, 1=Blue, 2=Red, 3=Yellow, 4=Green
#define MAX_SKINS 200
typedef struct
qboolean skin_used;
char model_name[32];
char bot_name[32];
} skin_t;
typedef struct
qboolean can_modify;
char text[81];
} bot_chat_t;
typedef struct
char identification[4]; // should be WAD2 (or 2DAW) or WAD3 (or 3DAW)
int numlumps;
int infotableofs;
} wadinfo_t;
typedef struct
int filepos;
int disksize;
int size; // uncompressed
char type;
char compression;
char pad1, pad2;
char name[16]; // must be null terminated
} lumpinfo_t;
extern bot_t bots[32];
extern int submod_id;
extern int m_spriteTexture;
//void UpdateClientData(const struct edict_s *ent, int sendweapons, struct clientdata_s *cd);
#include "util.h"
#include "bot_func.h"
#include "bot_inline_funcs.h"
#endif // BOT_H