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// JK_Botti - be more human!
// bot_skill.h
#define BEST_BOT_LEVEL 0
typedef struct
int pause_frequency; // how often (out of 1000 times) the bot will pause, based on bot skill
float pause_time_min; // how long bot pauses (min, max)
float pause_time_max;
float normal_strafe; // how much bot strafes when walking around
float battle_strafe; // how much bot strafes when attacking enemy
int keep_optimal_dist; // how often bot (out of 100 times) the bot try to keep at optimum distance of weapon when attacking
float respawn_react_delay; // delay on players after respawn
float react_delay_min; // reaction delay settings (first is for bot_reaction 1, second for 2, etc)
float react_delay_max;
float weaponchange_rate_min; // how fast changing weapons (min, max)
float weaponchange_rate_max;
float shootcone_diameter; // bot tries to fire when aim line is less than [diameter / 2] apart from target
float shootcone_minangle; // OR angle between bot aim line and line to target is less than angle set here
float turn_skill; // BotAim turn_skill, how good bot is at aiming on enemy origin.
float turn_slowness; // Is bot's aim in slow motion?
float updown_turn_ration; // how much slower bots aims up and down than side ways?
// Bot doesn't use real origin of target player but instead use ping emulation based on recorded old position data of player.
// These settings specify ammount of latency and randomness used at different skill levels.
float ping_emu_latency; // ping emulation in seconds
float ping_emu_speed_varitation; // percent
float ping_emu_position_varitation; // units from target center
qboolean can_longjump; // and can longjump.
int random_jump_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will do random jump
int random_jump_duck_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will do random duck when random jumping
int random_duck_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will do random duck jumping in combat mode
int random_longjump_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will do random longjump instead of random jump
#if 0
qboolean can_taujump; // can tau jump? (waypoint taujump, attack/flee taujump)
int attack_taujump_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will do tau jump at far away enemy
int flee_taujump_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will taujump away from enemy
float attack_taujump_distance; // how far enemy have to be to bot to use tau jump
float flee_taujump_distance; // max distance to flee enemy from
float flee_taujump_health; // how much bot has health left when tries to escape
float flee_taujump_escape_distance; // how long way bot tries to move away
qboolean can_shoot_through_walls; // can shoot through walls by sound
int wallshoot_frequency; // how often (out of 100 times) the bot will try attack enemy behind wall
float hearing_sensitivity; // how well bot hears sounds
float track_sound_time_min; // how long bot tracks one sound
float track_sound_time_max;
} bot_skill_settings_t;
extern bot_skill_settings_t skill_settings[5];
void ResetSkillsToDefault(void);