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// JK_Botti - be more human!
// bot_sound.h
#ifndef BOT_SOUND_H
#define BOT_SOUND_H
#define MAX_WORLD_SOUNDS 1024 // maximum number of sounds handled by the world at one time.
#define SOUNDLISTTYPE_FREE 1 // identifiers passed to functions that can operate on either list, to indicate which list to operate on.
// CSound - an instance of a sound in the world.
class CSound
void Clear ( void );
void Reset ( void );
Vector m_vecOrigin; // sound's location in space
int m_iVolume; // how loud the sound is
edict_t * m_pEdict;
int m_iChannel;
int m_iBotOwner;
float m_flExpireTime; // when the sound should be purged from the list
int m_iNext; // index of next sound in this list ( Active or Free )
int m_iNextAudible; // temporary link that monsters use to build a list of audible sounds
// CSoundEnt - a single instance of this entity spawns when
// the world spawns. The SoundEnt's job is to update the
// world's Free and Active sound lists.
class CSoundEnt
void Spawn( void );
void Think( void );
void Initialize ( void );
static void InsertSound ( edict_t * pEdict, int channel, const Vector &vecOrigin, int iVolume, float flDuration, int iBotOwner );
static void FreeSound ( int iSound, int iPrevious );
static int ActiveList( void );// return the head of the active list
static int FreeList( void );// return the head of the free list
static CSound* SoundPointerForIndex( int iIndex );// return a pointer for this index in the sound list
static int ClientSoundIndex ( edict_t *pClient );
static CSound* GetEdictChannelSound( edict_t *pEdict, int iChannel );
BOOL IsEmpty( void ) { return m_iActiveSound == SOUNDLIST_EMPTY; }
int ISoundsInList ( int iListType );
int IAllocSound ( void );
int m_iFreeSound; // index of the first sound in the free sound list
int m_iActiveSound; // indes of the first sound in the active sound list
int m_cLastActiveSounds; // keeps track of the number of active sounds at the last update. (for diagnostic work)
BOOL m_fShowReport; // if true, dump information about free/active sounds.
BOOL m_bDebug;
float m_nextthink;
CSound m_SoundPool[ MAX_WORLD_SOUNDS ];
extern CSoundEnt *pSoundEnt;
extern void SaveSound(edict_t * pEdict, const Vector & origin, int volume, int channel, float flDuration);