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// JK_Botti - be more human!
// h_export.cpp
#ifndef _WIN32
#include <string.h>
#include <extdll.h>
#include <dllapi.h>
#include <h_export.h>
#include <meta_api.h>
#include "bot.h"
enginefuncs_t g_engfuncs;
globalvars_t *gpGlobals;
#ifndef __linux__
// Required DLL entry point
extern "C" BOOL WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved)
return TRUE;
void WINAPI GiveFnptrsToDll( enginefuncs_t* pengfuncsFromEngine, globalvars_t *pGlobals )
// get the engine functions from the engine...
memcpy(&g_engfuncs, pengfuncsFromEngine, sizeof(enginefuncs_t));
gpGlobals = pGlobals;
#ifdef __GNUC__
/* workaround gcc4.x 'local static variable' guarding (hlds is single thread so this is ok) */
namespace __cxxabiv1
/* guard variables */
/* The ABI requires a 64-bit type. */
__extension__ typedef int __guard __attribute__((mode (__DI__)));
extern "C" int __cxa_guard_acquire (__guard *);
extern "C" void __cxa_guard_release (__guard *);
extern "C" void __cxa_guard_abort (__guard *);
extern "C" int __cxa_guard_acquire (__guard *g)
return !*(char *)(g);
extern "C" void __cxa_guard_release (__guard *g)
*(char *)g = 1;
extern "C" void __cxa_guard_abort (__guard *)
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