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  • Support JDK11 (update Midje). PR #238. (@camsaul)
  • Support Turkish user.language. PR #237. (@camsaul)
  • format-predicate now accepts parameterizer as a named argument (default :jdbc) to match format. PR #234. (@glittershark)


  • #sql/inline nil should produce NULL. Fix #221. (@seancorfield)
  • #sql/inline :kw should produce "kw". Fix #224 via PR #225. (@vincent-dm) Note: this introduces a new protocol, Inlinable, which controls inline value rendering, and changes the behavior of #sql/inline :foo/bar to produce just "bar" (where it was probably invalid SQL before).
  • Alias expressions [:col :alias] are now checked to have exactly two elements. Fix #226. (@seancorfield)
  • Allow where and merge-where to be given no predicates. Fix #228 and PR #230. (@seancorfield, @arichiardi)
  • as alias is no longer split during quoting. Fix #221 and PR #231. (@gws)


  • Support parameters in #sql/raw. Fix #219. (@seancorfield)
  • Add examples of table/column aliases to the README. Fix #215. (@seancorfield)
  • Refactor parameterizer to use multimethods. PR #214. (@xlevus)
  • Add examples of raw and inline to the README. Fix #213. (@seancorfield)
  • Add register-parameterizer for custom parameterizers. PR #209. (@juvenn)
  • Change set priority to after join. Fix #200. (@michaelblume)
  • Switch dependency version checker to PR #197. (@danielcompton)
  • Support join ... using( ... ). Fix #188, PR #201. (@vincent-dm)
  • Add multi-version testing for Clojure 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 (master) (@seancorfield)
  • Bring all dependencies up-to-date. (@seancorfield)
  • Add to make it easier to run the same tests manually that run on Travis-CI. (@seancorfield)
  • Add deps.edn to support clj/tools.deps.alpha. (@seancorfield)
  • Expose #sql/inline data reader. (@seancorfield)


  • Remove nil :and arguments for where. Fix #203. (@michaelblume)
  • Fix nested select formatting. Fix #198. (@visibletrap)
  • Limit value context to sequences in value positions. (@xiongtx)
  • Avoid wrapping QUERY with parens while formatting INSERT INTO ... QUERY. (@emidln)
  • Allow for custom name-transform-fn. Fix #193. (@madvas)
  • Add :intersect to default-clause-priorities. (@kenfehling)
  • Add :parameterizer :none for skipping parameter generation. (@arichiardi)
  • Add ClojureScript self-host support. (@arichiardi)


  • Add helper to inline values/prevent parameterization (@michaelblume)



  • Some tuples used as values no longer work. See #168.

  • Reprioritize WITH wrt UNION and UNION ALL (@emidln)

  • Helpers for :with and :with-recursive clauses (@enaeher)

  • Allow namespaced keywords and symbols for queries. (@jrdoane)

  • Ensure sequences act as function invocations when in value position (@joodie)

  • Correct generated arglist for helpers defined with defhelper (@michaelblume)

  • Don't depend on map iteration order, fix bug with multiple map types (@tomconnors)

  • Don't throw away namespace portion of keywords (@jrdoane)

  • Update CLJS dependencies (@michaelblume)

  • Add helpers for :with and :with-recursive clauses (@enaher)


  • Don't parenthesize the subclauses of a UNION, UNION ALL, or INTERSECT clause. (@rnewman)


  • Add priority for union/union-all (@seancorfield)


  • Get arglists right for generated helpers (@camsaul, @michaelblume)
  • Allow HoneySQL to be used from Clojurescript (@rnewman, @michaelblume)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: HoneySQL now requires Clojure 1.7.0 or above.


  • Parameterize numbers, properly handle NaN, Infinity, -Infinity (@akhudek)
  • Fix lock example in README (@michaelblume)
  • Allow joins without a predicate (@stuarth)
  • Escape quotes in quoted identifiers (@csummers)
  • Add support for INTERSECT (@jakemcc)
  • Upgrade Clojure dependency (@michaelblume)


  • Fix bug when SqlCall/SqlRaw object is first argument to another helper (@MichaelBlume)
  • Add support for :intersect clause (@jakemcc)


  • Support column names in :with clauses (@emidln)
  • Support preserving dashes in quoted names (@jrdoane)
  • Document correct use of the :union clause (@dball)
  • Tests for :union and :union-all (@dball)
  • Add fn-handler for CASE statement (@loganlinn)
  • Build/test with Clojure 1.7 (@michaelblume)
  • Refactors for clarity (@michaelblume)


  • Define parameterizable protocol on nil (@dball)


  • Convert seq param values to literal sql param lists (@dball)
  • Apply seq to sets when converting to sql (@dball)


  • Support exists syntax (@cddr)
  • Support locking selects (@dball)
  • Add sql array type and reader literal (@loganmhb)
  • Allow user to specify where in sort order NULLs fall (@mishok13)


  • Add value type to inhibit interpreting clojure sequences as subqueries (@MichaelParam)
  • Improve documentation (@hlship)
  • Add type hints to avoid reflection (@MichaelBlume)
  • Allow database-specific query parameterization (@icambron, @MichaelBlume)


  • Add :url to project.clj (@MichaelBlume)


  • Support basic common table expressions (:with, :with-recursive) (@akhudek)
  • Make clause order extensible (@MichaelBlume)
  • Support extended INSERT INTO...SELECT syntax (@ddellacosta)
  • Update clojure version to 1.6.0 (@MichaelBlume)
  • Implement ToSql on Object, vastly improving performance (@MichaelBlume)
  • Support CAST(foo AS type) (@senior)
  • Support postgres-native parameters (@icambron)
  • Support :full-join (@justindell)
  • Expose :arglist metadata in defhelper (@hlship)
  • Improvements to the documentation, especially showing some recently added features, such as inserts and updates.
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