Simple CRUD for Ember.js 1.1.2 with Ember Data 1.0.0beta3 + Touch gestures mobile (responsive) version + Grunt templates precompiling
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This repository is a simple demo of Ember (1.1.2) and Ember Data (1.0.0-beta3) which features:

  • a Create / Read / Update / Delete of a collection of users
  • complex CSS transitions / animations on views
  • Handlebars templates precompiling with Grunt
  • full responsive UX (with touch events, and with animations between routes)

Here's the demo ➔

Smashing Magazine step by step tutorial

For those coming from the Ember introduction I wrote for Smashing magazine, then you'll find each snippets of the article in the /unstyled folder.

Here's the demo ➔


First install Grunt or sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

Install the dev dependencies

First cd into the project and run npm install

This command will install locally the following node modules

How to compile css

Install Ruby (RVM is your friend), then gem install sass

Run the following command:
grunt watch or grunt sass

How to compile .hbs templates

Run the following command:
grunt watch or grunt emberTemplates

How to concatenate js files

Run the following command:
grunt watch or grunt concat