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Double pendulum on a cart (dpc) simulation model
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Double pendulum on a cart (dpc) simulation model

Simulation if the pendulum cart system with sinusoidal controls

The blog post can be viewed at the OpenOCL blog and at Medium.



pip install scipy
pip install numpy
pip install sympy
pip install matplotlib


  • Matlab symbolic toolbox


  • Python
  • Symbolic package

Load symbolic package before running the code

pkg load symbolic

Executing the simulation

First run dpc_lagrange to generate the system dynamics function. The generated function will be created under the name dpc_dynamics_generated.

Then you can run dpc_simulate to simulate and draw the animation.

You can also modify the parameters at the top of the simulation file.

Simplified version

In the subdirectory is a simplified version of the program where the parameters are hardcoded into the system equations. In this way the equations fit on a single page (for the web). This version is presented in the blog post. However, here we can not change the parameters easily in the simulation but have solve the Euler-Lagrange equations again with the modified parameters.

This version can be run using the dpc_simple_simulate script (no code generation for the dynamics required).


You are free to use, modify, copy, distribute the code. Please give a clap on Medium, star on github, or share the article if you like. Created by:

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