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pircd and SSL
pircd uses the very cool IO::Socket::SSL module to provide SSL
connections. This means that to use SSL with pircd, you also have
to appease IO::Socket::SSL. Use the OpenSSL tools to create:
* server-key.pem
* server-cert.pem
* client-key.pem
* client-cert.pem
And toss them into the 'certs' directory underneath where you run
pircd. Later versions which have more comprehensive SSL support
will allow you to place the the certificates and keys wherever
you please and specify the location.
If you need some help with creating those files, consult:
I havn't stopped to consider the security ramifications, but if you
just want to get things up and running, you can run through those
instructions just one, and then copy the server cert and key into
the client cert and key files.
At the moment however, all the SSL support does is:
* Allow you to connect in an encrypted fashion.
* Indicate which users are connected to the server via SSL in /whois
* pircd beta two adds a +S channel mode, which prevents anyone from
joining the channel who isn't connected via SSL. It doesn't do anything
about parties already present on the channel, though.
- Jay Kominek <>
If all else fails, increase the amperage.