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Event sourcing support for MSR Orleans
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Event sourcing support for MSR Orleans (


  1. Orleans SDK. You can obtain it from here:
  2. EventStore 3.0.0. You can obtain a prerelease version from here:


  1. Compile the solution first. This will copy the assemblies to the local silo folder (post-build event).

  2. Start EventStore.

  3. Configure EventStoreProvider in DevTestServerConfiguration.xml. Connection string is in <hostname>:<port> format.

<OrleansConfiguration xmlns="urn:orleans">
    <Provider Type="Orleans.EventSourcing.EventStoreStorage.EventStoreProvider" Name="EventStore" ConnectionString="localhost:1113" Username="admin" Password="changeit"  />

Username and Password can be omitted if you're using default values.

  1. Run the Test.Client project. This will start the local silo and execute sample code from Program.Main().
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