A scalable OpenStreetMap API server built over a distributed key/value store.
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This is an experimental implementation of an API service that supports a (read-only) subset of the OSM v0.6 API.

The goal for this project is to explore an implementation of the OSM API built over a distributed key/value store. The service has been designed to be easy to scale horizontally.

The implementation currently uses Membase for the data store; however its design should work with other key/value systems.

Current Status

  • This repository contains a working snapshot of the service.
  • The server only supports read queries on map data.

Future Work

Near term things that need to be done:

  • A reimplementation of the front end servers, in C or Haskell. I have come to be truly wary of using the Twisted toolkit :).
  • Data representations that are more frugal in memory consumption, so as to reduce hosting costs.

In the longer-term:

  • Supporting "read/write" operation.
  • Supporting multi-datacenter operation; coping with intermittent connectivity between data centers.
  • Supporting "private" data layers over OSM data.

Additional Information

The prototype was originally published under my previous employer's GitHub namespace. Future work will however be done in this repository.

Information on how to use this software package may be found in the project's documentation.