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An openFrameworks library for encryption.
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An openFrameworks library for encryption. Supports MD5, SHA1 and Base64.

Simple Example

Include the addon in your openFrameworks project as normal. To call, simply:

ofxCrypto::md5("hello world");
ofxCrypto::sha1("hello world");
ofxCrypto::base64_encode("hello world");
ofxCrypto::base64_decode("aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ="); // hello world.

Binary Encryption

You can easily encode and decode ofBuffer objects to Base64 - useful for getting string representations of binary data or in conjunction with HTML5 projects.

string encoded = ofxCrypto::base64_encode(myOfBufferObject);
ofBuffer decoded = ofxCrypto::base64_decrypt(myEncodedString);

See the example project for an example of an image being encoded, decoded and then re-displayed.

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