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Modern C64 Forth
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Modern C64 Forth. Includes a vi clone written in Forth, a high-resolution graphics library, plus MML music support.


  • Fun. The system should be nice to work with on the real machine.
  • Fast. Compiles to machine code and is the fastest C64 Forth, ~100x the speed of Basic V2!
  • Easy to use. Implements the Forth 2012 core standard.

"Just fooling around but Durexforth is fast and fun!" -Kevin Reno

"Ich finde das Forth klein und effektiv, wunderbar." -Peter Bierbach

"Ist eine mächtige Sprache für ein 8-Bitter." -Pebisoft

"The author of durexForth was quite helpful... There is even a vim-like editor, impressive for being on a C64." -Christian Johansson

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