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@jkotlinski jkotlinski released this May 14, 2021

[3.0.0] - 2021-05-14


  • Dictionary restructured, now header and code data are split.
  • Header data is not a linked list, and grows downward from $9fff. Record structure: len_flags | str | xt
  • LATEST changed from VARIABLE to VALUE
  • V internal words hidden, BUFSTART no longer variable, fixed at $7000.
  • Restore key is clean NMI, Run/Stop Restore to QUIT
  • FIND-NAME now returns a name token per the standard proposal
  • LS abort on LOADB error, PAGE upon success.
  • LS now accepts wildcards, drive #'s or not.
  • RDIR improve placement of MORE.
  • Prompt displays ful when there is less than 256 bytes of dictionary space left.


  • RDIR will display directory formatted data anywhere in memory.
  • PAD Scratch pad memory set to cassette buffer. Untouched by DurexForth
  • DOWORDS, which allows executing an xt for every word in the wordlist
  • Turn-key operation utilities in TURNKEY:
  • SAVE-PACK packs the dictionary together before saving, which unpacks at runtime.
  • SAVE-PRG removes the dictionary and saves the program
  • TOP returns the address of the last byte of the header structure. The value at this address will always be 0.
  • TOP! can be used to specify the position of header data.
  • HIDE removes a word from the word list, while leaving its definition in place.
  • DEFINE assigns HERE to a word in the word list and begins compilation.
  • DEFCODE does the same as DEFINE, but begins a CODE: segment instead.
  • V commands: A, R, +, -, HOME, e, C, D, s, S, H, L, M, ^w, f, F
  • Words for file and device IO in OPEN: and IO:
  • Utility for drive status and DOS commands in DOS:


  • BRK vector was redirected to QUIT
  • RS232: NMI vector was redirected to QUIT
  • SP-X! had bug in most significant bit
  • GFX: PEEK fetched bitmap pixels from ROM instead of RAM
  • V did not compile in DECIMAL mode.
  • Documented SEE concatenating subsequent :NONAME
  • Made QUIT do CLRCHN instead of CHKIN
  • Made QUIT close all open files.


  • Removed undocumented >DFA, OPENW and CLOSEW words.
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