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Little Sound Dj (LSDj) .sav manager. Requires Java ( If you have problems running the .jar on Windows, try Jarfix (




Always keep backups of your .sav files! Even if there are no known errors, this software is not guaranteed to be 100% error free. For bugfixes and feature requests, please e-mail info at littlesounddj dot com.


13 Sep 2013: v1.0

  • A number of improvements done by Craphazzard:
    • remember directories from last run
    • import + export multiple songs in one go
    • native look & feel
  • Tidy up song list

9 Jan 2012: v0.9. Bugfix: Added check that a song is selected when clicking "export .lsdsng" or "clear slot" buttons. (Before fix, LSD-Manager would just export random junk.) Thanks to Curtis Ware!

3 Apr 2011: v0.8. LSD-Manager will now try to open v3 .sav files even if they are smaller than 128kB. This may be necessary since some emulators/backup devices seem to truncate the .sav files if there is unused space at the end...

3 Feb 2007: v0.7. Fix for Japanese white Nintendo Power cartridges. Thanx Xinon!

1 Feb 2007: v0.6. Another bugfix for .lsdsng add. Thanx Rabato!

20 Dec 2006: v0.5. Bugfixed .lsdsng add.