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0.1a: initial
* added: export work memory to 32kByte v2 .sav
* made file mem usage indicator more understandable
* fixed bug with "Add .lsdsng..." button
* replaced showOpenDialog with showSaveDialog where appropriate
* fixed bug when adding .lsdsng 's...
2006-12-19: v0.5
* bugfix in .lsdsng export
2007-02-01: v0.6
* Another bugfix for .lsdsng add. Thanx Rabato!
2007-02-03: v0.7
* Fix for Japanese white Nintendo Power cartridges. Thanx Xinon!
2011-04-03: v0.8
* LSD-Manager will now try to open v3 .sav files even if they are smaller than
128kB. This may be necessary since some emulators/backup devices seem to
truncate the .sav files if there is unused space at the end...
2012-01-09: v0.9
* Added checks so that it is only possible to "clear slot" or "export .lsdsng"
when a song is selected.
2013-09-13: v1.0
* A number of improvements done by Craphazzard:
- remember directories from last run
- import + export multiple songs in one go
- native look & feel
* Tidy up song list