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; An example for how to call the player. Displays CPU usage
; using raster bars. Press A to skip to the next song.
; Replace with your own game, music selector or whatever
; you feel like :)
SECTION "lcd_interrupt",ROM0[$48]
jp .lcd_interrupt_handler
SECTION "boot",ROM0[$100]
jr $150
SECTION "setup",ROM0[$150]
; setup joypad reading
ld a,$10
ldh [0],a
; setup lyc interrupt
ldh a,[$41]
or a,$40
ldh [$41],a ; stat
ld a,20
ldh [$45],a ; lyc
ld a,2
ldh [$ff],a ; ie
; play song 0
xor a
ld e,a ; e = song
call LsdjPlaySong
ldh a,[0]
and $f
cp $f
jr z,.wait_button_pressed
; play next song
inc e
ld a,e
; reached last song?
cp a,(SongLocationsEnd - SongLocations) / 4
jr nz,.play_song
xor a ; go back to first song
ld e,a
call LsdjPlaySong
call .delay
ldh a,[0]
and $f
cp $f
jr nz,.wait_button_released
call .delay
jr .mainloop
xor a
inc a
jr nz,.delay_loop
push af
ld a,$ff ; black background
ldh [$47],a
call LsdjTick
ldh a,[$45]
cp a,10
jr z,.lcd10
cp a,36
jr z,.lcd36
cp a,61
jr z,.lcd61
cp a,87
jr z,.lcd87
cp a,113
jr z,.lcd113
ld a,10
ldh [$45],a
xor a ; white background
ldh [$47],a
pop af
ld a,36
jr .write_lyc
ld a,61
jr .write_lyc
ld a,87
jr .write_lyc
ld a,113
jr .write_lyc
ld a,138
jr .write_lyc