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LSDj ROM Patcher
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META-INF Initial import (from version 7) May 17, 2011
.lvimrc Got colors working a little. Jan 19, 2017 Some drag'n'drop support. Drag .wav to LSDPatcher to add them. Jun 19, 2011 Include font name in .lsdfnt Jan 23, 2017
LICENSE Drop final year from LICENSE Aug 20, 2017 Moved => Jan 22, 2017 tidy up Oct 19, 2017 made preview panes 2x bigger Jan 20, 2017 paint a grid in tile editor Jan 23, 2017
instr.bmp Use java 1.6 Jan 20, 2017 Add export sample button. Jun 29, 2011
song.bmp some work on previewing lsdj screens Jan 20, 2017


A tool for modifying samples, fonts and palettes on Little Sound Dj (LSDj) ROM images. Requires Java. If you have problems running the .jar on Windows, try Jarfix.



Tutorial by Little-Scale:

Video tutorial by 2xAA:



License Information

This project is licensed under the MIT license, except for the following files:, Copyright (C) 2007 by Robert Harder. No rights reserved., Copyright (C) 2016 by Darryl Burke. No rights reserved.

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