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A Delphi wrapper for WinSparkle
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neSparkle is a Delphi component for Delphi. It adds update functionality similar to Sparkle for OSX. The component is a wrapper for the WinSparkle framework.


neSparkle is based on the excellent work of Václav Slavík and his project WinSparkle, which can be found here: WinSparkle Project

How To Use

  1. Build and install the package: Open the Package file and install the component. Add the source code path to the Search Path of the project or the library in the IDE

  2. Install the component using the installer. The installer will update the search paths of the IDE

Note: In your applications you need to use the WinSparkle.DLL file, which can be found in the "Libraries" folder. The DLL files are Release builds (Visual Studio 2015) and the current version is 0.6.0


This is a Windows component. The intention is to write bindings for OSX, too.


There is documentation about the classes, the methods and properties. Please check the "Documentation" folder.

Special Thanks

Many thanks to Ondrej Kelle and David Heffernan who helped me understand a few details about DLLs and how to load them in Delphi.

Bugs, Suggestions, Comments and General Contact

I hope you find the component useful. If you have any comments or ideas, have spotted any bugs or have any suggestions about changes to the code use the "Issues" tab on github or drop me an email at



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